Driscoll's Fruit-Topped Pizza Recipe is a Healthy Alternative to Classic Pies

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: driscolls
Driscoll's grilled berry pizza is featured on the fruit distributor's website. The meal is a healthy alternative to classic pies like those topped with pepperoni and processed cheeses. Made from a blend of all-purpose flour, this pizza pie features fresh ingredients like goat cheese or crumbled feta cheese, Driscoll's berries -- a blend of blueberries and blackberries is recommended in this recipe -- and two tabelspoons of chopped mint and basil herbs.

The recipe is also topped with a blend of salt and pepper spices and balsamic vinegar. As superfood recipes become more common, both in restaurants and among food bloggers, consumers are responding positively on remixed comfort foods. This grilled berry pizza is a great example and will appeal to foodies who aren't afraid to experiment.