This Cake Kebob Recipe is the Perfect Dessert for a Backyard Barbecue

 - May 19, 2014
References: foodbeast
If you are a barbecue extraordinaire, you are probably familiar with grilling steaks, burger patties, chicken and maybe some kebabs here and there, but have you ever attempted to grill desert -- or a cake kebob for that matter?

This simple grilled dessert is easy for everyone to try and would finish off your barbecue meal off with a fruity bang. It is essentially a grilled strawberry shortcake.

All you have to do is skew strawberries and square chunks of angel food cake in alteration and place them on a barbecue for a few minutes. To make sure all sides are even, just rotate the skewer every 30 seconds. For an added treat, slide chocolate chips into the cake chunks prior to placing on the grill and top with whipped cream when served.