The FoodToEat Service Connects Customers with Food Carts

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: foodtoeat & springwise
In order to help food trucks and small restaurants reach a larger audience, FooddToEat is centralizing the sales process with its food truck delivery. The service was launched in order to make independent food services more accessible. At its core, FoodtoEat acts as a database of food retailers that are connected to the restaurant network.

Participating food trucks and restaurants are given a small portable GPRS device that can receive orders from anywhere. As a result, FoodtoEat is helping small food retailers serve more food while giving users access to smaller stores.

While there are already many companies that provide delivery services, FoodtoEat is the first to connect customers to small food carts and restaurants. The company only charges 10 cents per order versus the traditional pricing model of 10 to 18 percent.