The Problem Solver Helps You Drink Your Way to Creative Solutions

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: problemsolverbeer
The Problem Solver is a beer that recognizes our best ideas come after a drink or two. In fact, researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago have ascertained that people produce their most creative thinking once they've reached an alcohol level of 0.075%. With that statistic in mind, CP+B Copenhagen developed the Problem Solver, a pale ale that comes with a bottle indicator to let you know when you've hit your creative stride.

If you're looking to color outside the lines, or think outside the box, or what have you, then you might consider picking up a bottle of this handcrafted IPA. Not only will it delight your taste buds, it'll get your brain cells working overtime to find creative solutions to whatever dilemma is plaguing you.

Of course, one would be wise to adhere to the bottle indicator. Drinking to solve your problems operates on a fine line, and one drink too many might produce the opposite effect.