Snake Venom from Brewmeister Clocks in at 67.5 Percent ABV

If you thought your favorite craft brewery made a strong beer, then you need to take a seat and sip on a bottle of Snake Venom from Brewmeister. This beer clocks in at an astounding 67.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). For those who don’t drink beer, a "strong" brew is usually one with an ABV over seven. Brewmeister is the same brewery behind Armageddon, a beer with a 65 percent ABV.

Snake Venom from Brewmeister is made using peat-smoked malt, acid malt and chocolate malt and two types of yeast: ale yeast and champagne yeast. Snake Venom is then freeze concentrated, a process that involves freezing the beer repeatedly to take out the water and increase the alcohol content. Snake Venom is on sale now for $80.87 (50 GBP).