From Arborous Device Chargers to Personified Planter Decor

 - Jul 26, 2015
From resourceful recycling initiatives to creative clean energy applications, these July 2015 eco innovations look at environmental sustainability and how brands and consumers can help preserve the world we live in.

Using earth-friendly materials is one way to appeal to eco-conscious consumers while also doing your part as a company. This can be seen across a variety of industries from skincare and beauty to mobile devices and technology.

Correlated to the unplug movement -- which advocates for mindful use of technology or anti-tech sentiments -- many people who adhere to living a green lifestyle are looking for ways to not only be in community with one another, but also encourage the next generation to watch their carbon-emission footsteps. This can be seen in youth programs, travel and retreats.

These July 2015 eco ideas are all about finding ways for individuals to integrate green practices into their everyday lives.