Espoma's New Safe Paws Product Creates a Lush and Animal-Friendly Yard

 - May 28, 2015
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Espoma’s new Safe Paws product helps one create a lush and green yard that is also 100% safe for pets. The gardening brand specializes in organic plant food products and has been a pioneer for natural gardening solutions since its inception in 1929.

Offering a smart solution for those who own a household animal, Espoma makes gorgeous yards attainable and worry-free with their Safe Paws plant food. "The more pet parents know about how to keep their animals safe, the more likely they will stay out of harm's way" says Espoma vice president Jeremy Brunner when describing this innovative product.

Putting an end to common yard hazards can be difficult for most pet owners but an organic plant food solution is key when looking to keep animals safe. As consumers grow more attached to their household pets, they are no longer viewing them as animals but rather as family members.