The State of Hawaii is Turning Retired City Buses into Working Shelters

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: group70int & boredpanda
Hawaii is putting its old city buses to good use by turning them into mobile homeless shelters. While the state is often criticized for having notoriously strict laws regarding its homeless citizens, the new shelters will offer a more sustainable means of accommodating Hawaii's transient population.

Designed by the architecture firm 'Group 70 International,' the mobile shelters will be made from decommissioned LIFT buses. Each bus will have a distinct design and specific purpose. For example, some buses will act as designated sleeping areas and others will operate as mobile bathrooms.

While the task of overhauling old city buses may seem monumental, the project has already received an outpouring of community support. Through generous donations and the help of numerous volunteers, the buses will likely be finished some time before the end of the year.