AeroFarms' Newark Aeroponics Farm is Located In a Former Nightclub

 - May 28, 2015
References: aerofarms & bloomberg
AeroFarms' farm in downtown Newark, New Jersey is a fine example of how aeroponics technology can be used to grow huge amounts of produce in a relatively compact space. The farm is located inside the former Distinct 89 nightclub, with the dance floor cleared to make room for 15-foot-high stacks of planters. Interestingly, there's no soil beneath the green vegetation, only air.

Seeds are scattered on a permeable cloth stretched over the planter. Inside each container, hoses pump oxygen and nutrient mist onto the fabric, helping the seeds germinate. They eventually poke down the fleece and absorb more mist. As the plants grow, hoses feed them carbon dioxide while sensors monitor room temperature and humidity.

Incredibly, this setup can grow plants faster while using only 10% of the water, and showcases the kind of technology that is set to play a crucial role in urban farming going forward.