From Mishappen Produce Discounts to Plantable Condolence Cards

 - Jun 28, 2015
The June 2015 eco innovations incorporate everything from advances in sustainable technology to creative recycling and DIY projects. Many of these have an individual approach, enabling regular people to make a difference and establish environmentally friendly practices at home. This is particularly relevant as the drought in California stretches on.

Many of the June 2015 eco ideas are focused on conservation of resources, especially water. Ideal for Californians, there are an increasing number of water management apps and web-based platforms emerging that help people reduce their water usage. With summer weather, many will want to start blasting the air conditioning. This is where energy-saving monitors can home in for homeowners looking to save money and the earth. Eco transportation also continues to be a focus, from public transport initiatives to crowdsourced bicycle couriers.