This Green Refrigerator Keeps Food Cold Using Zero Energy

Russian designer Yuriy Dmitriev has created an energy-saving refrigerator called the Bio Robot Refrigerator, which keeps food cold with a futuristic gel-like substance. Taking part in the Electrolux Design Lab competition, Dmitriev invented a refrigerator which mounts on to the wall, and suspends the food and drinks placed inside within the specially designed biopolymer gel. The gel works by using luminescence to preserve the temperature of the food within it.

The Bio Robot Refrigerator has no motor in it and therefore it requires zero-energy for cooling. As current refrigerators typically use 8% of household energy, Dmitriev's design would help to significantly cut energy use in consumer kitchens. The refrigerator has largely remained the same since its invention, but now with the unveiling of this new energy-saving refrigerator, it appears steps are being taking to make the classic kitchen appliance more environmentally friendly.