BitSeed Proposes the Use of Virtual Money to Plant 1 Billion Trees

 - May 2, 2015
References: & treehugger
Virtual money that takes the form of a paperless currency has the potential to cut down on a huge amount of environmental waste, but BitSeeds aims to push this idea even further.

Like BitCoin, BitSeeds is an alternative virtual cryptocurrency with an emphasis on making the world a better place. For every BitSeed created, the aim is to reforest the planet by planting one tree. In collaboration with the Rainforest Foundation, BitSeeds has a goal of planting a billion new trees in order to cut down on deforestation.

This currency can be used in any country and sent through the Internet, with no associated fees. BitSeeds can be traded online for goods, services and cash. As use of alternative cryptocurrency grows, many new types are on a mission to promote wealth in social and environmental good.