- Mar 12, 2015
Business infographics are a fantastic way to share knowledge, insights or advice or just to explore certain patterns that are thought-provoking or interesting, without requiring the viewer to understand complicated jargon or have a deep knowledge of a certain area of business.

Gone are the days when all information and knowledge was gleaned from reading alone. There are some things that are best displayed visually, as visual representations help us better understand the scope of certain patterns or comparisons.

"Business" is a word with a broad meaning and scope, therefore it's unsurprising that these infographics come at the topic in numerous ways from all kinds of angles. Many of the infographics explore the intersection between business and technology, social media or even psychology. Some are broad and explore larger trends while others examine highly specific areas.

Some of these infographics will be of use either to people starting a career and wanting to learn about career avenues, interview etiquette or resume tips, or indeed to young business and startups looking for patterns and routes to success. Others still are designed simply to put a smile on your face. Regardless, these business infographics show the effectiveness of using striking visual representations to convey tangible ideas and statistics.

From 3D Business Statistics to Unemployment Upside Charts: