'How to Be a Good Boss' Describes How to Get and Keep Employees

 - Jul 27, 2013
References: nerdgraphics & dailyinfographic
WorkSimple's new 'How to Be a Good Boss' infographic reveals some interesting information regarding how employees feel towards their superiors, and what might make them quit their current position.

Survey results show that the worst kind of boss, according to employees, is a "public belittler." In other words, a boss who calls out his employees in front of the rest of the office for committing a small error is the most hated type of employer. In fact, 30% of employees have said that they would have stayed at past jobs if they had been under a different boss or management team.

In order to become a better boss, WorkSimple describes three steps to take to ensure that employees enjoy their jobs a bit more: give feedback, give recognition, and promote professional reputations. By giving feedback, employees can see where they need to improve, by giving recognition, employees feel special and appreciated, and by introducing employees to important, high-ranked individuals, they feel noticed and hopeful. All of these actions combined will serve to transform you into the best boss there is, making sure that you'll have potential employees lining up at your office door for a chance to work with you.