Are Graphic Design Internships Overrated or Perfect for You

 - Nov 12, 2012
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Landing oneself a job can be difficult these days, unless you back it up with experience in a major city, like a Toronto graphic design internship or an internship related to your field. The job market can be a difficult venture to over come. The working world can be a devastating venture with free work becoming a more accessible feature. Are internships overrated?

This infographic outlines the benefits of having completed one internship versus never having done one. The transition from college to career is faster with an apprenticeship of any kind, whether it be an advertising entry level job or a journalism internship, averaging 2.5 months after graduation. Around 58% of people who did internships were offered jobs after college, higher than without. An alleged 70% of interns are more likely to be hired at their current place of employment as opposed to a new hire. Overall, having an internship does more good then harm.