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trends #1 Journalism Internships in Canada - By joining the Trend Hunter Academy, you will graduate with 600+ published (and edited) articles, 40+ training seminars, career training, editorial coaching, 1,000,000+ views of exposure, and a certificate of Digital Journalism and Social Media from Trend Hunter, the #1 most popular, largest trend spotting website.

• Wall Street Journal Workplace of the Day
  "An Office as Hip as Its Occupants"
• Awarded, "One of Canada's Most Innovative Companies," by the Canadian Innovation Exchange
• Canada's Best Start-up Work Culture - Techvibes
• Globe and Mail Amazing Space - Globe and Mail
• Office Culture Profiled on CNN, National Post, Globe and Mail, Rogers TV, BNN, Toronto Star, CityTV

Within Canada, there is simply no other journalism internship or social media internship that compares. While interns at old-school publications are fetching coffees and making copies, our interns are learning the cutting edge of social media while building their portfolios, interviewing celebrities, attending pr events, starring in videos, enjoying weekly beer parties, and being a part of something epic. And the kicker is that amidst all the good times, your work will get exposure to our massive audience, which is large enough to fill the Air Canada Centre 100 times every month. Apply Now

Get More Exposure than 'Old-School' Media Companies

Trend Hunter dominates the Canadian media in online traffic, which is important because you'll be learning the skills about how online publishing works. It can be discouraging as a new grad looking for experience to see that Canada's traditional media outlets lag in the digital world, but this stems from our nation's conservatism in business and education. We're trying to change that by pushing the limits of innovation, teaching you the cutting edge and giving you massive exposure to launch your career. (Also, we're trying to change that by working with multiple post-secondary institutions on advisory boards. Apply Now

Largest Canadian Newspapers Online

Internship Student "My Trend Hunter internship immersed me into the world of professional writing, advanced social media for business and all things cutting edge. As an intern, I published 800 articles, expanded my creative writing and built my personal brand in ways I never even imagined." - Jana Pijak

Benefit to You - Learn a Cutting Edge Curriculum
Our Toronto journalism internships is more like a training program that allows you to build your writing skills (or video editing skills) while allowing you to publish articles and videos on fashion, technology, advertising, the environment and design. Our students get firsthand experience working at one of the planet's most popular online publications and exposure to our 60,000,000 views per month. After a month or two of curriculum, you'll get to drive exciting projects, which have included: TV scriptwriting, publicity stunt design, attending and covering Fashion Week, PR launch strategies, Trend Report research and interviews with celebrities like: DVF, Adrianna Lima, Candace Swanpoel, Kenny Hotz, the CEO of Rolls Royce and the CEO of Ikea.

The Curriculum - In addition to the hands-on work, you'll go through about 40+ seminars on topics including sessions on each of the following: social media, copyright, seo, writing with zest, style zest, top lists, brands, supercharging titles, millennials in the workforce, resume writing, interviewing, online marketing, high traffic articles, writing for speed, advanced grammar (we'll make it fun, don't worry), social good and our feel smarter Friday sessions. There are also group workshops, individual project training (based on your interests), and individual feedback sessions

Journalism Curriculum

Editorial Feedback & Training - We'll invest time in your writing skills! In addition to one-on-one feedback sessions and training, you will receive ongoing writing feedback and editing of your work. For a typical internship, this will add up to 40 hours of editing time and feedback per intern, which will help improve your writing skills, boost your variability and sharpen your title skills. We'll also coach you and motivate you to achieve your writing goals.

Experience Not Tasks - All of your effort will be spent learning and honing your writing, social media or video skills. We don't think an intern should have to fetch coffees, answer phones or do mundane tasks. This is more like a school. :)

School Credit - The Trend Hunter Academy is approved for school credit at schools requiring an internship or practical experience to compliment your education. Let us know if this applies to you and we'll help you make it happen.

Career Training - By your 4th month, you will be receiving career training, including personal branding, interview practice and resume proofing with our CEO. We'll also help you with endorsements, letters for school credit, post-secondary applications and recommendations

100% of Our Employees are Former Interns or Summer Students - In terms of long-term employment, we can't offer any guarantees, but when we need people, we always turn to our intern alumni. In fact, 100% of our 17 full time staff members were previously from our internship program (or summer/co-op program for web developers.) In addition, we've offered dozens of writing contract for intern graduates who get their writing skills to a level where we can publish their work without editing. Even if we can't hire you, we will help prepare you for your job hunt.

$1,500+ Stipend, but Students Only for 2014 - Our program is currently open to existing students who require an internship for their coursework. This was not always the case, but as Ontario sorts out the current political agenda with internships, we are going to focus on students. Our program was intentionally structured to comply with the ministry's criteria for internships, and offers terrific educational value, exposure, career training and experience. However, there are many internships that don't offer the same sort of value and right now it has become an issue in politics and the media. So as a precautionary measure, we are going to wait until the dust settles and focus on students. If you want to build your portfolio and get our editing and feedback, you can sign up to be a contributor. Anyone can join, it's FREE

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Internship Student "My experiences at Trend Hunter have been diverse and extraordinary. I've had the opportunity to interview a Victoria's Secret model, attend fashion shows, explore social media and develop my creative writing. I'm now proud to work as a paid contributor from Australia!" - Amelia Roblin

Certificate of Digital Journalism Graduate With a Certificate in Digital Journalism & Social Media
Our program is a lot of fun, but it's also educational! You'll be completing our curriculum of workshops and sessions, while building a large portfolio of articles. Throughout the process, you'll receive detailed feedback about your work, you'll take your skills to the next level, and you'll learn cutting edge digital skills that they don't teach in school or traditional media companies. We'll even work on your career development, interview skills, resume and how to leverage your social media prowess and personality to be successful.

To further differentiate you in the workforce, we'll certify your accomplishments with a Trend Hunter Academy Certificate in Digital Journalism and Social Media. This mark of honor demonstrates that you're not just someone who tweets random stuff, you're someone who deeply understands how to use digital media to make a business more successful. Apply Now

Internship Student Taylor Keefe "I spent half of my internship learning about P.R., interviews and how businesses work. Later, I was hired on a contract, and then full time in a business development role! I really enjoyed the focus placed on our careers, including the workshops, ongoing feedback, career day sessions and entrepreneurial environment." - Taylor Keefe

8 Reasons Our Journalism Internships Kick Ass

Quick Facts:
2,203,000,000 all-time views
60,000,000 monthly views
50,000+ online references
258,574 trend-based ideas
104.3 ideas / day
159,456 Trend Hunters
2,600,000+ Facebook Fans
221,508 Twitter Followers
150,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
25,000+ RSS Subscribers
50+ Financial Times citations
Read in 190 countries
Internship Curriculum 1. Learn a Cutting Edge Curriculum
Our interns learn a curriculum that covers writing, editing, online publishing, PR, online marketing, SEO, social media, and trend research. These skills are heavily sought after by employers who are desperately trying to understand the online media space.

Journalism Article Views 2. Get 1,000,000+ Views of Exposure
With over 60,000,000 monthly views, Trend Hunter is the world's #1 trend spotting community and one of Canada's largest publications. We get more online traffic than Canadian magazines and newspapers. Many of our interns have achieved over 2 million views during their semester.

Journalist Portfolio 3. Build a 600+ Article Portfolio
Over the course of a semester, our goal is for each intern to have an amazing time while building a portfolio of 600+ published articles in fashion, design, pop culture, technology and advertising.

Certificate of Digital Journalism 4. Graduate: a Certificate of Digital Journalism & Social Media
In the online world, Trend Hunter is operating at a level far beyond traditional media and journalism schools. When your studies with us are complete, we'll award you with a certificate from the Trend Hunter Academy, which will demonstrate your mastery of Digital Journalism and Social Media skills, which are extremely sought after by employers.

Article Content 5. Write About Kick Ass Content
Viral videos, superhero couture, monster fashion, epic parody, danger food, fun with fire, bizarchitecture, faux rockstar, concept cars and the latest extreme sports. If you become part of our Toronto internship, you'll spend your day discovering the cutting edge of cool.

Rewarding Jobs 6. Complete Rewarding Social Media Projects
After 1-2 months of learning the ropes, our interns get to drive exciting projects, which have included: TV Scriptwriting, Celebrity Interviews, Publicity Stunt Design, PR Launch Strategies, and Trend Report Research.

Journalism Internship Job 7. Have an Amazing Experience
As an incredibly young and energetic group of entrepreneurs, we look at Trend Hunter as a hobby, not a job. We're in the heart of downtown Toronto, at Queen Street and SoHo. We think journalism internships should include fun times. For our Toronto journalism internships, this has led us to: Improv Class, a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Jet Boating, BBQs, Wonderland, Powerpoint Karaoke and a Photoshoot Day.

Internship Experience 8. Get Career Training & Editorial Coaching
We'll also help craft your personal brand, train you in interviews, perfect your resume and help you with the next steps in your career development. We'll also edit through all of your submissions, providing ongoing feedback and coaching on your writing to increase your flare and sharpen your skills.

Internship Grad Meghan "I love Trend Hunter! After my internship, I continued writing and have published over 10,000 articles from Vancouver. I now have the flexible lifestyle of a freelancer AND my articles have received more than 40,000,000 views!" - Meghan Young

6 Brands in One = More Opportunity!
Trend Hunter includes multiple brands, including:,,, Trend Hunter TV and Depending on our latest goals and your interests, there will be many unique opportunities for you to develop your skills in our program. Here's a highlight of each brand:

Trend Hunter - Supercharge Innovation! Followed by more than 2,500,000 fans, Trend Hunter is #1 in the world of trends, and the anchor of all our brands. Most of your work will be on

Keynotes - Get inspired! Followed by more than 150,000 fans, is a collection of the world's greatest keynote videos and speakers. After her internship, we hired Jaime Neely, to run this brand.

Social Business - Save the world! Social Business is dedicated to businesses that have a positive impact on the world. Intern graduate Tiana Reid now manages this brand and its community pages.

Trend Reports - Make the world a smarter place! We hired intern graduates Taylor Keefe and Jamie Munro work on developing Trend Reports into a more prominent part of our company.

Jeremy - Innovate! Our CEO is an international keynote speaker and an award-winning author working on his next book. His past book included a shout out to the interns that helped add a little salt and pepper to the book's zest!

THTV Trend Hunter TV - We're launching 5+ new online tv series, and we're now contracting intern grad Olivia Gissing to produce the new episodes... One of the new series will include profiles of each intern and another will be our weekly attempt at a viral video!

Tiana Reid "After my internship, I finished school and then was hired to be the community manager for My role allows me to explore the creative ways in which people all over the world are tackling social issues." - Tiana Reid

What Makes Our Internship Awesome - Intern Team Video
If you want to know what it's like behind the scenes, check out this intern team interview video... Enjoy!

Former Interns - Case Studies
Check out the case studies to learn more about our Trend Hunter journalism internship. Apply Now

Shelby Lee Walsh, Trend Hunter VP of Operations (INTERVIEW)

Shelby Lee Walsh, Trend Hunter VP of Operations (INTERVIEW)

Rewind to spring 2009, and Shelby Lee Walsh was working at a law office, pondering the next steps in her career. She didn’t know what she wanted to be in life, but she had mad writing skills, ambition and a penchant for discovering stellar YouTube videos. Already a Trend Hunter reader, she stumbled upon our Toronto journalism internship postings and immediately wanted to learn more. Unlike some applicants, who were unprepared, Shelby put in the effort to prove how much she wanted the role. By the time we interviewed her, Shelby had a Trend Hunter portfolio with 25 published... [More]

Robyn Currie, Rockstar Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)

Robyn Currie, Rockstar Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)

In most cases if you tell someone, “BE FUNNY,” they will look at you like you’ve made the world’s most impractical request. Robyn Currie, however, will turn on her funny switch and make you laugh. Accordingly, I am featuring her Trend Hunter journalism internship profile in her own witty words: ——- I had never even considered taking part in an internship before. Why? ‘Cause I thought they were for ladder-climbing, suit-wearing douches who just wanted to shake some hands and kiss some babies. But then I heard about the Trend Hunter internship... [More]

Jaime Neely, Trend Hunter Editor & Educational Curator (INTERVIEW)

Jaime Neely, Trend Hunter Editor & Educational Curator (INTERVIEW)

Jaime Neely rocked her journalism internship. Adding a flavor to the office that no other could replicate, Jaime quickly earned the nickname "Sass" for her witty personality and writing. Her unrelenting dedication to hitting goals and striving to achieve what was set out for each day differentiated her and ultimately led to her full-time position as's Educational Curator. _______ Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Determined to pursue a career in journalism after graduating from McGill University, I came across the Trend Hunter Internship page during... [More]

Armida Ascano, Trend Hunter Editor & Academy Strategist (INTERVIEW)

Armida Ascano, Trend Hunter Editor & Academy Strategist (INTERVIEW)

Armida Ascano's Twitter handle is "OneWomanArmi" and that's exactly what she is. The Editor and Academy Strategist at Trend Hunter, Armi has an intense passion for what she does and possesses positivity that is infectious throughout the entire office. Known for her love of advertising, hip hop and all things fashion, Armi is full of personality. ______ Three years ago, I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 19-year-old enrolling in Seneca’s fast-tracked Creative Advertising and Broadcast program. Like most students of advertising, I was unsure of what stream of the ad world I wanted to get into.... [More]

Internship Grad Shelby "I was a legal secretary and wanted to transition to a new industry, but I didn’t have the skill set for a role in social media. I learned invaluable skills that would lead me to later be hired as Trend Hunter's VP of Operations, and now, our President. During my internship, I received 6,000,000 views of exposure, I wrote 1,000 articles, I was retweeted by Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton, and I broke the story about Awkward Family Photos, which received 500,000 views in half a day! I love Trend Hunter!" - Shelby Walsh

Interns and Intern Alumni
Learning highly employable social media skills, our journalism interns and video editing interns build huge portfolios, giving them an edge in the competitive world of journalism and digital media. Apply Now

Meghan Young

Meghan Young
Fall 2009
24,283 Articles

Amelia Roblin

Amelia Roblin
Fall 2010
9,002 Articles

Michael Hines

Michael Hines
Winter 2010
8,045 Articles

Jana Pijak

Jana Pijak
Nov 2011
7,227 Articles

Laura McQuarrie

Laura McQuarrie
May 2013
6,144 Articles

Vasiliki Marapas

Vasiliki Marapas
Sept 2013
3,523 Articles

Tana Makmanee

Tana Makmanee
Jan 2013
3,458 Articles

Jordy Eleni

Jordy Eleni
March 2012
3,433 Articles

Alyson Wyers

Alyson Wyers
July 2013
3,396 Articles

Misel Saban

Misel Saban
May 2013
3,048 Articles

Katherine Vong

Katherine Vong
Fall 2009
2,963 Articles

Gil Haddi

Gil Haddi
Sept 2012
2,827 Articles

Jamie Danielle Munro

Jamie Danielle Munro
May 2011
2,599 Articles

Rahul Kalvapalle

Rahul Kalvapalle
March 2014
2,545 Articles

Michael Hemsworth

Michael Hemsworth
Nov 2012
2,126 Articles

Tiana Reid

Tiana Reid
Summer 2010
2,113 Articles

Jason Soy

Jason Soy
May 2011
2,019 Articles

Jaime Neely

Jaime Neely
May 2011
1,942 Articles

Jaime Neely "Following my internship, I was hired as the educational curator for The internship also introduced me to some amazing people. I really enjoyed meeting my fellow interns and the Trend Hunter team during weekly parties, training sessions, fun days, group excursions and - of course - our sponsorship of Toronto BeerFest." - Jaime Neely

Careers After the Toronto Internship
From MTV and The National Post to AOL and the United Nations, our interns have graduated our program into some pretty cool roles. Plus, we've hired 17 full time and 20 as contributing editors. Here's a sample list of where our graduates have gone after the Toronto journalism internship:

  • Traditional Media - MTV, National Post, National Geographic, TSN, Food Network, Slice, HGTV, Chatalaine
  • Social Media - Trend Hunter (17 full time, 20 freelance), VICE, AOL, iVilliage, Aha Moment Media, MacMedia, ThinkContra, MediaEdge, StilltheLovely, Zalora, Independent Freelance
  • Social Good - United Nations, (Trend Hunter's sister site)
  • Community Managers - Gladstone, Rent Frock Repeat, The Lavin Agency
  • Advertising - Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, Taxi, The Brand Factory, Trend Collective
  • School - UCLA (MBA), Colombia (Masters), Waterloo, Queen's, U of T, Humber College
  • Media Appearances - CityTV, Fox News, Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, CP24, BNN, Shaw

  • Career Training - To help set our interns up for success, our internship curriculum now includes four sessions of career training and two sessions of career feedback. In these sessions, we'll prepare your brand, refine your resume, coach your interview skills, and see how we can help advance your career. We'll write-up LinkedIn recommendations for you, help with any letters of recommendation for grad school, and depending on what industry you'd like to enter, we may even know people who you can be introduced to. Apply Now

Toronto Internship Student Andrew Robichaud "My experience at Trend Hunter has changed me as a journalist. I would advise for anybody to apply. There are things I learned about myself and about different products and different fields [that set me up for success]. And you work with people with the same mindset, the same free spirits and the same enthusiasm. I couldn't say enough good things about being part of this team." - Andrew Robichaud, Web Editor, National Post

Trend Hunter's Reality TV Show
Trend Hunter has been working on a reality TV show. If you watch this sizzle video, you'll get a chance to see some of our editors and see a bit more about what our Toronto internships are like...

Our Rad Toronto Office
As you might expect, Trend Hunter's Toronto office exudes cool. Located near Queen and SoHo, the office is a lofty brick and beam open concept space. A media wall, projected scoreboard, beer fridge, fireplace, and British phone booth are just a few examples of how this space is extremely unique (not to mention all of our wonderful Toronto interns, research experts and editors). Apply Now

Trend Hunter Office Trend Hunter Office 2 Trend Hunter Office 3 Trend Hunter Office 4 Trend Hunter Office 5 Trend Hunter Office 6 Trend Hunter Office 7 Trend Hunter Office 8 Trend Hunter Office 9

Toronto Journalism Internship Monthly Fun Days
At Trend Hunter, our days aren't just about having an awesome time writing stellar articles about the most interesting stuff on the planet. Sometimes we also have fun. Apply Now

Retro Grad Parties - The Trend Hunter Team Offers One of the Best Internships in Toronto
Retro Grad Parties
Dotcom Skating Trips: Trend Hunter Fun Day - The TH Crew Embarks on an Ice Skating Adventure
Dotcom Skating Trips
2012 Trend Hunter Academy Graduation - To Celebrate One of the Best Internship Programs in Toronto
2012 Trend Hunter Academy Graduation
Video Scavenger Hunts - The Staff of Trend Hunter Compete in a City Wide Search Challenge
Video Scavenger Hunts
Karaoke Dance Parties: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Karaoke Dance Parties

Toronto Beer Festival - Trend Hunter Interviewed Salt-N-Pepa at the Toronto Beer Festival
Toronto Beer Festival
The Trend Hunter Billion View Party - A Peek Into Our Huge Billion-View Bash
The Trend Hunter Billion View Party
Toilet Paper Runways - The White Cashmere Collection 2012 Fashion with Compassion Show
Toilet Paper Runways
Steamwhistle Brewery Tour: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Steamwhistle Brewery Tour
Lomography Workshop: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Lomography Workshop

Western Murder Mystery Party: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Western Murder Mystery Party
Lomography Gallery Store Party
Lomography Gallery Store Party
Couture Dress Hunting: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Couture Dress Hunting
Blades of Glory: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Blades of Glory
All Hallow's Eve: Trend Hunter Fun Day
All Hallow's Eve

Trend Hunter Remixed Bloopers - Toronto Journalism Internships
Trend Hunter Remixed Bloopers
Pumpkin Carving Party: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Pumpkin Carving Party
TH Prom: Trend Hunter Fun Day
TH Prom
The Trend Hunter Half Billion View Party
The Trend Hunter Half Billion View Party
Murder Mystery 2: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Murder Mystery 2

African Lion Safari: Trend Hunter Fun Day
African Lion Safari
Behind the Scenes for MTV - Trend Hunter Toronto Internships
Behind the Scenes for MTV
Whitewater Jet Boating: Trend Hunter Fun Day - Whirlpool Jet Boats at Niagara Falls
Whitewater Jet Boating
Waterfall-Hunting: Trend Hunter Fun Day - Trekking Through San Diego's Mountains
Murder Mystery: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Murder Mystery

Dining in the Dark: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Dining in the Dark
La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour: Trend Hunter Fun Day
La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour
Photoshop Fun: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Photoshop Fun
Wonderland: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Boat Party: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Boat Party

Sangria BBQ: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Sangria BBQ
Scavenger Hunt: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Scavenger Hunt
Improv Class: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Improv Class

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Trend Hunter does grant college credit, where applicable. You must already be based in Ontario. We offer a set curriculum, workshops and coaching, which requires your availability to work full time (M-F; 9-5) in our Toronto office.

Note: Getting a Trend Hunter internship is a competitive process. You should make yourself very familiar with the website and sign-up for a free Trend Hunter portfolio.