- Dec 18, 2014
Understanding the job market is an invaluable asset to those searching for employment. While some of the statistics may be disheartening (female workplace stats and post-grad unemployment rates come to mind), its integral that you know what you're up against when it comes to finding your next gig.

The role social media has played in changing the employment landscape is not to be underestimated. For example, nowadays, it's not enough to have a hard copy of your resume; you also need a digital copy posted on your LinkedIn profile. A jaw-dropping 77% of job postings are shared on LinkedIn. Without an account, you're willingly missing out on huge opportunities.

Social media isn't just an asset when it comes to scouting and applying for jobs; it's also a job opportunity in and of itself, with many companies expanding into the world of digital social connections.

From Jobless Graduate Infographics to Overlooked Employee Strategies: