The 'College Degrees: High Demand Vs. Low Demand' Chart is Valid

 - Aug 30, 2012
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Figuring out where you see yourself professionally is a daunting thought, which is why the 'College Degrees: High Demand Vs. Low Demand' infographic is a must-read for those seeking higher education. While the degree does not necessarily define your ultimate career, it can certainly affect the types of transferable skills you pick up on the way.

Unfortunately the whole starving artist complex may not be so farfetched considering fine art ranks steadily in the degrees with the highest rate of employment. However, pursuing creativity in an academic setting does not mean jobless prospects for all graduates. Whether it's gaining experience through internships or researching grad schools, there are ways to get around stagnating job markets.

Ultimately it is important to stay in the loop and seek opportunities where they are growing. The College Degrees: High Demand Vs. Low Demand infographic helps you identify where the hot markets are for career hunting.