Degree Query Provides a Realistic View of Jobs in the Future

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: degreequery & designtaxi
Over at Degree Query, its great minds have come together to create a thought-provoking infographic that looks at possible jobs of the future. Forget the idea of a alien killing space marine or moon landing officer; Degree Query takes a very realistic and well-thought-out approach to their predictions.

One of the most interesting predictions is a future need for Genetics Councillors and Child Designers. With so many new babies being born with allergies as well as the fear of genetic diseases, there would be doctors that could customize the DNA of a child before birth. From hair colour to body type, according to Degree Query, these babies could be completely engineered. What do you think about parents having absolute power over how their child turns out? Check out the rest of the infographic for more plausible predictions.