From Friend-Endorsed Job Apps to Social Job Search Stats

 - Apr 30, 2015
Networking has always been a clever way to get yourself a job, and exploring social media employment strategies is a vital step in the process nowadays. Recruiters are constantly scouring LinkedIn profiles and companies are always examining applicants' Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to get a better picture of potential hires.

A millennial with an active online presence finds great opportunity on the Internet, and great disadvantage if he isn't careful to present a professional image. In this collection are a number of infographics that serve as great guides for best capturing your experiences and aptitudes, along with helpful tips to exercise the interactive side of various social media websites to your benefit.

Additionally, smartphone app creators have launched mobile platforms devoted to performing specific job searches, sharing contacts and making recommendations for friends. Those with particular skills in utilizing social media employment strategies could even land themselves positions in the online industry.