ResearchGate is the Facebook of Scientists All Around the World

 - Feb 16, 2013
ResearchGate is a Berlin-based professional network that is known as the Facebook for scientists. Scientists and researchers are able to share their research findings, collaborate on current and upcoming projects and discuss ideas, crowd-sourcing emerging advancements from all areas of research.

ResearchGate is a very useful and niche social media platform that is extremely promising due to its high-quality membership profile and cutting-edge content. The platform requires a university email to sign up in order to ensure exclusivity of members to be within the scientific realm. The team is currently working on a job board that focuses on employment opportunities in niche scientific areas.

Just as social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter transformed the way people operate within their social circles, ResearchGate is a platform that will transform the way scientist engage in their research once fully adapted by the community.