This Infographic Looks at the Importance of a Job Referral

For those in-between or looking for work, this infographic by Jobvice emphasizes the importance of having a job referral. The ‘Why Employee Referrals Are the Best Source of Hire’ infographic states that employee referrals are the number one way employers find new recruits.

For students, career-changers and employment searching adults alike, find a job isn’t always easy. While competing with up to hundreds of candidates, Jobvice points out that having a referral can positively boost your chances to employment. With job referrals accounting for over 40% of filled positions, referrals really do play an important role in the job world.

Not only do referrals help employers, according to this infographic jobs are found faster, simpler and with less hassle and 46% of referred employers stay longer at their jobs.