The Hire Me Infographic Promotes Artistic Talent and Experience

 - Dec 3, 2012
Visual resumes and social media are only some of the ways that people can get noticed by potential employers but graphics designer Damaris Castro Gonzalez has found a new way to put herself on the map: a hire me infographic.

The creative hire me infographic illustrates Gonzalez's life like a pictorial resume, depicting her life and aspirations realistically but also injecting a quirky sense of humor that reveals her fun-loving and eccentric personality. She starts off by asking herself, "how the Hell did I end up here," a question that most people have asked themselves in the midst of stressful college exams, long bouts of unemployment or even during extended periods at a job they are not passionate about. Gonzalez adds her personal information at the end for employers, but not after a brief but hilarious description of how she ended up as a graphics designer.