Europe and the United States Incur the Highest Costs to Run a Start-Up

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: staff & staff
The world’s most expensive location based on yearly costs to run a start-up company is Zurich, Switzerland, with a combined cost of $314,640, according to an infographic by called ‘What Does It Cost to Run a Startup?’

The infographic also takes into account the cost of hiring two web developers and one designer, and renting an office space in various cities across the world. Compared to Zurich, the yearly costs to run a start up in Sydney, Australia is $310,416, while in New York it costs ($296,592), San Francisco ($263,088), London, England ($240,708), Paris ($205,200), Mumbai ($71,184) and Manila ($45,464).

The salaries of a web designer are relatively comparable in Zurich, Sydney, New York and San Francisco at around the $80,000 mark, but drop off to around the $50,000 mark in London and Paris, then to the $10,000 mark in Mumbai and Manila.