Five Best Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012 are Reviewed

 - Jan 10, 2013
The elucidative infographic reviews the five best Internet entrepreneurs of 2012: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Turnable and Rocklmelt. The chart details the journey each company has gone through and history behind the brain-power that behind each phenomenon. An interesting point to take away from the infographic is the failure each company or creator has gone through before attaining its current success, along with the incredibly different paths each founder has taken to come to where they are today.

Ben Silberman, the co-creator of Pinterest, has a doctorate background which he left behind to find himself the owner of now one of the most popular social media mediums in the world. Many others have left what could be considered as fantasy jobs by many others to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Showcasing the ups and downs of these companies and their founders, the infographic provides a realistic outlook on the entrepreneurial sides of Internet mediums people enjoy today.