- Oct 9, 2014
Although the topic social media for pets might seem obscure or a touch too niche, we're seeing the incorporation of pets on social networks like never before. Accounts that are simply run by owners are fading as brands and designers create networks and apps that are focused more on animals than ever. Tinder for dogs or networks to broadcast a pets location to all those on the network when they're missing are just the tip of the iceberg; as pet culture continues to expand and become more fanatic, it's likely we'll see these extensions becoming even more pervasive.

Okay, so these social media for pets examples might still require the owner to have some input, but with innovations like the Puppy Tweets Dog Tag that enables the animal to tweet at will, owners might be pushed out of the equation sooner than later.

From Pet Newsfeed Apps to Cat-Loving Social Petworks: