Learn About the Ever-Changing Role of the CIO in Today's World

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: enterprisecioforum & bitrebels
As technology evolves and the world's information doubles every two years, the role of the CIO, or Chief Information Officer, changes in order to adapt with the times.

Utilizing technology to further promote productivity as their main goal, the CIO must also be able to increase time to market while reducing overall costs. With the Cloud helping to save significant funds annually, Cloud computing has become a priority along with security and IT consolidation. The best CIOs are said to have courage, clout and astuteness.

With so many tasks to balance and alternate, it is no wonder the role of the CIO is described on this infographic by Dave Vellante in the following terms, "CIO's today run the business, grow the business, transform the business."