Negotiating for a Raise is Made Approachable by Grad School Hub

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: gradschoolhub & gradschoolhub
More often than not, negotiating for a raise is not something people learn at home, school and definitely not at work. Asking for a higher salary is not a popular dinner table topic, which is why the editors at Grad School Hub put together this well-researched infographic all about the taboo subject.

With the inflating cost of living, it would make sense that pay rates rise, too. However, close to half of Americans reported (on a survey on LinkedIn) that they feel anxious about bringing up the topic. Women especially feel uncomfortable about it—almost three out of four, Forbes reported.

This infographic advises, in an easy-to-read manner, to document your accomplishments, choose projects that will let you shine and to never let opportunities pass by. As people are constantly swamped by loads of information on the Internet, infographics like this one are a refreshing reminder and aid to something very relevant to many lives.