From Pre-Diabetes Apps to Sensible Nutrition Databases

 - Jun 22, 2015
After a certain age, many monitor cholesterol levels to ensure they are maintaining overall health and as a preventative measure against genetic diseases. From pre-diabetes apps to sensible nutrition platforms, the medical industry is encouraging mobile users to practice healthy eating patterns -- especially when prone to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

These cholesterol-focused apps and products include fitness monitors that are controlled by one's smartphone and food guides that inform one of important nutrition facts whether they are shopping at their local grocery shop or dining out.

Other favorites include various calorie counters including mobile platforms and compartmentalized dishes that encourage portion-controlled meals. Moreover, calorie-counting wine glasses are also a popular item that track eating and drinking patterns while encouraging a balanced diet. In addition to these examples, salt-measuring utensils and handheld food scanners track sodium levels and ensure users are making food choices that better their overall health.