'Fruit for Health' Outlines the Benefits of Being Health Conscious

 - May 14, 2013
References: dailyinfographic
If you're looking to cut back on your favorite sweets and want to be a little bit more health conscious when it comes to the foods you eat, then this 'Fruit for Health' infographic outlines all the different health benefits you'll receive when opting to eat these various types of fruits.

While people are often aware that fruits and vegetables are a better option compared to carbohydrates or fried foods, breaking down the statistics and numerical benefits of eating each fruit is a fantastic way for people to visually see why eating healthy can be simple. Showing such stats as how rasberries can help prevent cervical and colon cancer, and how apples can help lower the chances of diabetes, this 'Fruit for Health' chart is a great way for health conscious individuals to see exactly how these fruits serve to create a better lifestyle.