Nudge Helps High Risk People Change Their Eating Habits

 - Feb 4, 2015
References: vimeo & fastcompany
Nudge is a pre-diabetes app that helps high risk individuals lead healthier lifestyles in order to sidestep developing type 2 diabetes. Described as a "personal nutritionist disguised as a shopping assistant," its aim is to change eating habits by suggesting better alternatives to current grocery staples. Essentially, the pre-diabetes app 'nudges' people to make better choices.

In addition to helping with grocery shopping, the pre-diabetes app also suggests recipes, since, as Fast Company points out, "one type of phthalate found in food packaging has links to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes." Since diabetes is ranked as one of the top four non-communicable diseases by the World Health Organization, Nudge is a concept that could save lives.