From Creative Project-Building Platforms to Mentor Matchmaking Apps

 - Jun 15, 2016
These collaborative work apps range from project-building platforms that encourage teamwork to mentor matchmaking apps that are designed to connect mentees with like-minded individuals that they can look up to. Standouts include Menteer, a platform designed to foster professional connections while building on users' leadership skills along with Crowdpilot, a crowdsourced platform that helps users handle different social situations in a way that is both fair and professional.

When examining collaborative work apps that center around creativity, online graphic design communities and reciprocal developer platforms encourage brainstorms and conversations among artists and web designers. Additionally, notable examples like AR management platforms and enterprising project apps ensure that managers receive consistent feedback from co-workers. These examples also encourage users to build on their existing technical and communication skills, ultimately leading employees of all levels to evolve both personally and professionally.