Device Lets You Know What's in Your Food Before You Buy or Eat It

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: tellspec & dailymail
Toronto-based biotechnology firm TellSpec is developing the first handheld gadget that can analyze the nutritional and chemical composition of food.

The technology behind the TellSpec scanner is mighty impressive. The instrument beams a low-powered laser into a chosen food product, causing the food to emit photons back. The scanner then analyzes these photons and sends their profile to a cloud-based analysis engine. The engine then runs all the information through a cloud-based algorithm.

The end result is information about nutrients, chemicals, allergens and calories downloaded and displayed on your smartphone. The TellSpec can scan food through plastic, so it can be used by shoppers in the supermarket.

Sounds like the perfect gadget for anyone looking to watch their calories, go easy on the sodium or avoid that gluten.