From DIY Tonic Water Kits to Home-Grown Escargot Kits

 - Nov 23, 2015
As maker culture and digital sources of inspiration converge, there are plenty of product sets that make excellent gifts for the DIY chef. While there is of course no shame in merely preparing the meal yourself, there is something particularly special about preparing a meal with ingredients grown and cultivated by yourself. From starting a miniature mushroom farm in the kitchen to making your own kimchi, there is a set of tools to make any dish more authentic with home-grown elements.

Oaktown Spice Shop's DIY Tonic Water Kit, for example, is a great DIY-inspired gift for the person in your life most passionate about a classic gin & tonic. Sticking with the bar theme, another option along the same lines is the Easy & Oskey Make Your Own Bitters Kit, which comes with enough ingredients to make four flavors.