This Aquarium Lets You Grow Pet Snails That You Can Later Eat

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: firebox & dudeiwantthat
This 'Grow Your Own Escargot' kit from Firebox presents the mental quandary of having to choose between having your own pet snails or a delicious meal.

This somewhat odd at-home mini aquarium for snails is advertised as being an easy way to grow your own escargot at home. The kit comes complete with a glass, bell-shaped propogator with a snail bedding base. After you receive the set, you can send away to receive 6 baby snails and some food to feed them with.

The pack comes not only with instructions on how to raise your new pet snails, but also with a list of tasty escargot recipes for the snails which will be big enough to eat in approximately four to six months time.