From Pet-Friendly Employee Perks to

 - Oct 12, 2015
These October 2015 pets trends range from pet-friendly employee perks to high-end canine carriers that marry style with function. In addition to a myriad of practical cat and dog toys, the month's other memorable products include matching pet and pet owner hats -- Etsy's 'All You Need is Pug' shop specializes in adorable accessories that draw inspiration from pop culture and wildlife -- and charitable fashion editorials that pair famous models with rescue dogs.

Moreover, cozy cat habitats and built-in dog alcoves are replacing traditional pet habitats with fun creations that can double as pieces of bold home decor. Additional October 2015 pets trends include cat playhouses that are shaped like retro cameras and residential honeybee hives that can adorn the facade of one's home while doubling as a geometric decorative element.