The 'BEEcosystem' is an In-House Bee Hive That Displays Insect Lives

 - Sep 14, 2015
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Now honey bees can be a part of your home decor thanks to the bee hive wall unit, 'BEEcosystem.' Meant to introduce humans to bees and build a closer understanding and appreciation of the pollinating insects, the BEEcosystem is a hexagonal hive that has a glass window to peer into.

Non-invasive for both the bees and people, the wall installation doesn't necessitate renters to drill a hole in the wall to let bees in and out. Each modular bee hive comes with a tube that fits into any sliding window or door, allowing the bees to crawl in and out whenever they please. In addition, the glass window has a red light filter so that the honey bees are not disturbed. Finally, the bee hive never requires owners to physically interact with the bees to care for them or collect their honey.

With the bee population declining, more and more efforts to raise awareness of the importance of this insect are arising. Along with the bee highway in Norway, the BEEcosystem strives to increase honey bees' chances of survival in urban settings.