The 'Darwin Tank' is a Glass Dome Specially Made for Jellyfish

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: kickstarter & gearhungry
This minimal and elegantly constructed line of jellyfish tanks beautifully displays both a sea creature that is both delicate and mystical.

Made to look like an understated glass dome, the 'Darwin Tank' is a carefully designed habitat that can fit up to three different jellyfish at one time. Underneath the dome, a series of LED lights, pumps, filters and tubes are all discreetly hidden inside a cube-shaped base.

The secret to this particular aquarium lies within the movement of the water inside the domed tank itself. Made by Belgium's The Darwin Sect, this line of jellyfish tanks accommodates the fragile nature of the underwater creature. The glass dome uses a unique pumping system to create gentle water currents that are visually striking without being damaging to each individual jellyfish.