The 'Lead Mate' Lets You Shorten the Distance of Your Dog's Leash

 - Sep 20, 2015
References: kickstarter & gearhungry
The 'Lead Mate' is a simple dog leash attachment that makes it easier to walk and control man's best friend.

This easy-to-use attachment screws anywhere along a leash to create a second point to grab onto if you need to shorten the distance your dog is given at any time. The lightweight plastic attachment can easily hold hundreds of pounds of force, and comes in two models for either a rope or flat webbing style dog leash. This tool also eliminates the annoyance of having to tie your own knot, or awkwardly wrapping your hand around the leash, and lets you have more fuller control of your pet while going for a walk

Further varieties of the 'Lead Mate' could also be produced depending on the level of funding received. Plans include a rubber covered model that doubles as a dog toy, and also a glow-in-the-dark option for walking your dog at night.