From Dog Fitness Monitors to Feline Photography Tools

 - Jun 8, 2015
Thanks to the growing popularity of emerging, wearable technology, its no surprise that wearables for pets are also gaining attention. When it comes to the best products on the market, health and entertainment are two main priorities for consumers. In addition to dog fitness monitors that track a pet's activity levels and nutrition, this list's other standouts include feline photography collars that let your cat take photos from its point of view.

Other favorites include smart collars -- that translate barks and growls into dialogue that humans can understand -- and wireless security sensors that help to prevent a lost or stolen pet.

Blending style with convenience, these wearables for pets illustrate the sentimental connection owners share with their furry companions. Much like healthy pet food options, fitness monitors, health trackers and GPS sensors aim to extend the quality and duration of pets' lives.