This Illustrated Cat Infographic Contains 10 Interesting Pieces of Trivia

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: & designtaxi
This fun and handy illustrated guide contains a number of interesting feline facts that any cat enthusiast will enjoy looking over.

Former educator Ryoko Iwatahas has created several different quirky infographics for her website 'ILoveCoffee' covering topics like animals and caffeine in interesting and entertaining ways. This infographic covering feline facts is no different, and presents a number of intriguing tidbits of knowledge concerning cat behavior, history, statistics and random trivia.

One piece of kitty trivia concerns cat communication -- apparently, cats don't actually meow to communicate with one another, but in fact only meow at humans when they wish to say something specific to them. Whatever is on a cat's mind could be a huge host of topics, because cats actually have a 16-hour short term memory, as opposed to dogs that only remember things for approximately five minutes at a time.