From Portable Pizza Pouches to Comical Superhero Cakes

 - Oct 25, 2015
Convenience meets customization in the top October 2015 food ideas. While these concepts are primarily practical, they all seem to approach food from a perspective of fun. For instance, an eatery in Thailand makes a point to deliver dishes to patrons based on their particular blood type.

This blend of personalization and convenience can also be see in dozens of pre-packaged kits and tools that make it easy to grab a meal and go. One of the most novel examples of this is the Smart Gastronomy Lab, which puts an emphasis on creating 3D-printed food that is healthy and more visually appetizing.

In preparation for the Halloween season, talented chefs are whipping up creations with spooky embossed rolling pins, as well as superhero cakes that are dressed up in costume.