'Honey Drop' Offers an Inventive New Way to Consume Honey

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
While there are honey sticks designed specifically for the purpose of minimizing messes when serving honey, Honey Drop is an entirely new concept for the liquid.

SoRam Rachel Kim's design envisions that the honey would be packaged in molecular sacks that would be able to dissolve in the mouth or a hot beverage. These round pearls are extremely portable, making it much simpler to transport honey without worrying about the risks of spilling it.

Just like many liquid versions of honey, the novel Honey Drops are packaged in a glass jar. In clusters, the semi-sheer pearls resemble a honeycomb pattern, which helps to identify the product as a new and inventive way of consuming honey. To truly set these beads apart, premium packaging is applied to the entire design.