From Luxe Gilded Donuts to Extravagant Birthday Cupcakes

 - Jan 25, 2016
The economy might be in an interesting state, but that hasn't stopped people from creating a slew of gold-infused foods. Whether made for the wealthy or simply to create some buzz around a particular product, restaurant or chef, people can't help but be drawn to these extravagant examples. After all, a haggis that is priced at $5700? A donut covered in a layer of shiny foil? How can you not talk about that?

Beyond the price in general, the gold-infused foods also speak to a level of creativity that many would love to play with. Some focus on the look such an ingredient would bring to the dish while others note its flavoring. Either way, it's undeniable that it is a special addition many would love to indulge in once in their lives.