Customers Will Expect the Best with a $500 Milkshake on This Menu

On November 22nd a new cocktail bar in LA called The Powder Room will awe crowds with a $500 milkshake.

Although the shake hasn't been created yet, the price alone will let people know it won’t be your average milkshake. This new concoction is supposed to be made up of edible gold leaf, the finest Belgian chocolates and a variety of liqueurs, however it’s hard to imagine that there’s hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol and chocolate in one glass. My guess is a huge amount of the price has to do with the $190 Swarovski Nirvana Mountain Ring included.

If just one milkshake is going to cost $500, it leaves people to wonder just how much other items on the menu will be—you probably shouldn’t take someone here for a first date unless you’re sure you can afford it!