From Chocolate Espresso Smoothies to Pumpkin Pie Cocktails

 - Jul 7, 2015
Taking inspiration from childhood favorites like peanut butter and jam sandwiches, hot fudge milkshakes and classics desserts like pie, these examples of blended beverages provide simple ways to indulge in a beloved treats. As well as offering a more convenient way to consume favorite food flavors on the go, these shake and smoothie recipes are often more healthful than the dish or dessert it started out imitating. The Kitchn's Blueberry Pie smoothie for instance, does away with glutinous crusts and sugary fillings, using only maple syrup, coconut milk and berries.

Since indulging in good health as well as flavor remains at the forefront of many minds, blended beverages that include superfood ingredients like coconut, matcha, dragon fruit and pineapple make it easy for consumers to identify drinks that will be beneficial for the body as well as delicious.