Zmoo's Makes Dairy Smoothies with a Focus on Fruit Flavors

 - Apr 25, 2017
References: thedieline
Zmoo is a 100% organic bottled smoothie concept that puts dairy and fruit flavors at the forefront of its branding. Flavors from the brand include Mango Peach Milk, Kiwi Berries Milk and Berries Banana Milk, each of which boasts a vibrant color to match the blended ingredients. To emphasize the inclusion of milk as a main ingredient

The naming of Zmoo was inspired by a mashup of meaningful words: "zumo" means "juice" in Spanish and "moo" for milk," creating "Zmoo," which could be interpreted as a short form for the word "smoothie." Zmoo was developed as part of a project by students María Vidal, Isaías Rodriguez and Karla Sánchez.

Fusions of fruit and dairy are becoming more prevalent, as exemplified by real-world products such as the fruit-flavored cheese strings and cubes from Cow Candy and Kyubu, respectively.