From Smog-Capturing Air Purifiers to Color Therapy Yoga Classes

 - May 27, 2017
These May 2017 health trends incorporate nutrient-rich food products, creative exercise endeavors, useful trackers, medical innovations, and more.

One of the innovations that's included in these May 2017 health trends is the 'Headspace' office, which was created to foster a healthy and happy work environment for employees. The unique spaces are focused on meditation and mental well-being -- as they enable employees to relax and let go of any stress they might be harboring. By supplying this space, creator Kelly Robinson aims to bring more positivity to office culture by improving the mental well-being of individuals.

Another interesting innovation that's featured is the mini fitness festival that was devised by Virgin Sport. Those in attendance are welcomed to take part in a 5.5k run that's accompanied by energizing music, peruse art installations, take yoga classes, and try out the food and drinks that are offered.