Body Vibes Makes Energy-Infused Stickers for Stress, Anxiety & More

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: shopbodyvibes & byrdie
'Body Vibes' makes stickers—but not just ordinary stick-on accessories. Body Vibes makes what it calls "smart stickers programmed to deliver natural bio-frequencies."

Body Vibes remarks that its stickers are programmed with frequencies to impart a positive energy shift, which is why it offers a range of sticker therapy packs for anxiety, beauty sleep, hangovers, mental focus and more. Once these stickers are applied to the skin, the frequencies are said to travel throughout the central nervous system and raise the vibrations of the body.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that addresses physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments by bringing the body's energy systems back into balance. While one may consult an energy worker who practices something like reiki, these stickers offer a quick do-it-yourself solution for energetic healing.