These Students are Creating a Chip for Imaging That Can Be Swallowed

 - Apr 12, 2017
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Some very clever pHD students at the Imperial College in London UK are making an ultrasound machine so small it will fit on a single chip. Their existing prototype is the size of a pen.

What they are hoping to accomplish is to create an ultrasound machine so small that a patient can actually swallow it. The prospects for this kind of miniaturization are quite mind-boggling. It is imagined that the machine would travel down the entire digestive tract and scan the entire body as it goes along.

The amount of actionable medical information the tiny ultrasound machine would collect is truly amazing and it would be far less expensive than present-day, multi-million dollar health scanners, such as MRI machines and CAT scanners.

The benefits to the patient would inexpensive, highly detailed health information and that is not such bitter pill to swallow.